Our Story

In 2012 our team of doctors (at AcuMedic) met up because we were frustrated. There was nothing on the market that our dermatology clients could use between treatments and everything had hidden irritants and potentially toxic chemicals.

The clinical director said ‘But there are sooooooo many skincare brands out there, surely one must be good enough?’. So he started researching and what he found was eye-opening:

What we found

Hidden Chemicals

Almost none of the skincare products on the market are truly free of potentially toxic chemicals. Sure they all say that they are Parabens free but most of them have replaced Parabens with Phenoxyethanol which is potentially as irritating and dangerous. The handful of skincare products out there that genuinely do not have toxic chemicals are very simple products without high levels of botanical and skin science ingredients.

Not Integrative

There are plenty of skincare products out there with high levels of botanical extracts but very few incorporate the modern wonder compounds used in medical skin science products.

No Chinese Herbs

Very few skincare ranges use Chinese Herb extracts and formulate according to the extensive Chinese Medicine theory. So, our team sat together to discuss formulating our own skincare solutions and we began with a manifesto

Our Manifesto

Our skincare range must be:

  1. Rich in botanical extracts AND skin science extracts.

  2. Incorporate Chinese Herbs which are chosen according to Chinese Medicine theory.

  3. Free from all the potentially toxic chemicals.

The concept of Sinensis was born.

They said it was impossible

The first thing that we did was gather all of our clinical experts to create three lists:

  1. Ingredients that we did NOT want in our products, these include irritants, hormone imitators and potentially toxic carcinogens.
  2. Chinese Herbs that we wanted to include because of their traditional use in Chinese Medicine AND because they have scientifically proven compounds to improve skin and hair.
  3. Exciting skin science molecules that have been proven to radically restore and protect skin complexion and hair health.

We sent our 3 lists to potential manufacturing partners around the world.

They ALL said that they could not produce our products.

The reason? We were told that it was impossible to include so many active ingredients in our products without including the potentially dangerous chemical preservatives and stabilizers.

They all tried to convince us to either dilute the efficacy of the cream or that it was ok to include a little of the potentially dangerous chemicals. We were told that the consumers mostly watch out for Parabens or SLS but that the others on our list were not well known by consumers so we should not worry.

We refused. What is the point of putting out another brand of skincare that does not respect its clients enough to do everything to keep them safe

So we kept searching for a manufacturing partner.

Formulating and reformulating

Finally we found a partner who said ‘OK, we don’t know if this is possible but we can try!’.

We brought together powerful botanical extracts and the most effective skin science compounds and began formulating samples.

It took over 3 years of experimentation and testing. The journey was very bumpy and there were many times that we thought that maybe ‘they’ were right and that this concept was not possible. But through stubborn perseverance and the involvement of many experts we managed to prove that it was possible.

Welcome to
Sinensis Skincare

Chinese Herb Wisdom + Skin Science (minus all the scary chemicals).