Why You Need to Put Yourself in the Customers Shoes

Why we, as an emerging brand, put our customers first...

As an emerging brand, we are constantly having meetings about our values, and more importantly, our approach to our customers. The reason why we do this is because a lot of brands seem to alienate themselves from their consumers, and instead of listening to what the customer wants, they turn a blind eye and continue to operate in a very wooden way.

As a brand, Sinensis have always aimed to be completely transparent and honest with its customers, which is why we write weekly blogs on specific ingredients that we include in our range. We don’t hide behind empty promises or manipulated marketing.

It is so important to put yourself in the customers shoes, and ask yourself ‘if I were them, what would I want’. We try to do this every day.

It’s worrying to think that the majority of us have attempted to read the ingredients on a product label and only understood the word ‘aqua’. It’s worrying because it’s normal. In order for you to totally trust a brand and be confident that what you’re using isn’t harmful in any way, you should know exactly what it is that you’re putting onto your skin.

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