What makes us different to 99% of Skincare

There is no point making ANOTHER skincare brand unless we are doing some things differently.

There are a million and one skincare brands out there all trying to get your attention. So why choose us?

There are a few things that makes Sinensis unique and when you put them all together we really become a one of a kind choice for your skin.


OK so we may as well start with one of our most proud features - the safety of our skincare range. This was the driving force behind creating Sinensis (read Our Story). When our doctors set out to formulate our products the very first list we wrote was the chemicals that we would NOT allow in our products. This became known as the BANNED 20 and it sets us apart from over 95% of the skincare out there that do not care enough about their clients to offer safe and irritant free ingredients.


Our doctors are all trained in Chinese Medicine and have a medical understanding of the power of Chinese herbs to improve skin. After all, our clinic has been treating patients suffering from dermatological conditions for over 40 years. But we did not want to pay 'lip service' to botanical ingredients (did you know that many so called 'botanical skincare' brands have less than 1% herb content?). We wanted to make sure that our inclusion levels were high enough to be effective.


Chinese herbs are effective but so are some of the incredible Skin Science compounds in the West. We trawled through the data to find the proven safe and effective wonder ingredients (like Hyaluronic Acid and high strength Vitamin C serum). We worked with formulation experts to merge the best of East and West to make an ultra effective and INTEGRATIVE skincare range.


It is worth emphasising that Sinensis is the result of our decades of clinical experience treating clients. Our clinic is one of the most renowned Chinese Medicine institutions in the world and all of this knowledge has been applied to Sinensis.


We do not have a big marketing budget and we cannot compete with the 'big brands' out there. The Sinensis range has been created for our clinical patients and we have no intention of mass marketing. Think of us as a private skincare members club. The great thing about not spending huge amounts on marketing is that we can keep our costs low. The result? Safe and super high powered products containing more effective ingredients than the high end brands at an affordable price. Win, win.

So if you are reading this page then congratulations - you are in on the secret and part of the quiet revolution in skincare.

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