Understanding the Banned 20: Artificial Fragrance

What does 'fragrance' mean and what are the dangers associated?

The Banned 20 has been created by the team at Sinensis to provide an insight into the 20 ingredients/compounds that we have completely eliminated from our skincare products. 

Our clinical background and perseverance has demonstrated that it is possible to create skincare  products that do not use potentially dangerous chemicals for your skin. 

The first on our list is artificial fragrance. We can guarantee that you own at least one product, whether this is a beauty product or an item for your home, that contains artificial fragrance.  

An article by Marilee Nelson describes artificial fragrance as ‘the new second-hand smoke’. We hope to shed some light on the dangers of artificial fragrance too, and why you should avoid purchasing items that contain such synthetics.  

Artificial Fragrance can be highly toxic chemicals with many different chemicals hidden within your most treasured beauty products.  


“Perfumes and products containing fragrance can contain many hundreds of chemicals to produce a distinct scent.” 



So you’re probably thinking how does artificial fragrance directly affect my general health? The way that we see it at Sinensis, is that your skin is the largest organ in your body, absorbing the products and atmosphere that comes in contact with it like a sponge. Artificial fragrance is mostly derived from crude oil and when absorbed by your skin can cause irritations, headaches and allergic rashes. 

These nasty chemicals in products are often masked with just one word, ‘fragrance’, failing to list the exact ingredients. For us at Sinensis, if the manufacturer is unwilling to list all of a product’s ingredients, including what exactly goes into ‘fragrance’, then it’s a deal-breaker! 

All Sinensis products are fragranced with the natural herb and fruit oils listed in the ingredients. Nothing hidden and certainly no artificial perfume. So flip over the box and check out the ingredients of any product that you are intereseted in. If you see 'Artificial Fragrance' then do your health a favour and walk away. 

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