Sinensis is cruelty-free

Bunnys are always safe with Sinensis

As an emerging brand, it is important that we are completely transparent with our brand values, one of them being that Sinensis is completely cruelty free.

We have noticed that other skincare and beauty brands can hide behind the language they use, and in turn they are subtly misinforming their customers on the process their products go through before they end up on your face and body.

We would never ever consider testing on animals, and we are extremely proud that we are in the same bracket as other brands that have these values.

We love skincare and natural products, but we also love animals too.

Beauty, healthy skin and ethics are at the heart of our brand, and we urge you to delve deeper into the products that you already own, and look at the information that they provide regarding their testing process.

Though a company may state on one singular product that it is “100% cruelty free”, there may be other products in their range or collection that have been tested on animals.

It has been proven that products can be successful and safe without animal testing, so the question that needs to be asked is why companies are hiding behind a smokescreen (when realistically, they could just not test on animals.)

If you are unsure about the ins and outs of product testing (which can even go as far as single ingredients being tested on animals) we urge you to visit and look through their FAQs.


Photo sourced from Wikimedia taken by Lauri Rantala

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