Sinensis 2016 Round-up

A brief look back on the last year...

December not only marks the end of an eventful year, but it also marks our first birthday. Since launching last year, we’ve come a long way, and so we wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support. Whether you’ve popped into our shop, treated yourself to our skincare range, read our blogs or even followed us on the ever-growing list of social media platforms, we are very grateful! 

As you probably know, Sinensis was a skincare range born out of frustration. We were frustrated because there wasn’t a single skincare brand that truly represented Chinese Herbal Integrative skincare as well as being totally free from potentially toxic chemicals. We hadn’t thought it was a lot to ask for, but the skincare and cosmetic industry said otherwise. 

Free My Skin was a movement stemming from the launch of Sinensis. During the initial creative stages, we were so surprised to see natural, organic and non-toxic cosmetic and skincare brands were not being praised enough. The birth of the movement is a way of uniting brands who share the same ethos to start a skin revolution! 

“It has been an exciting challenge to prove the industry wrong by creating these creams and serums without all the scary stuff,” says Don Mei, director of Sinensis

“After five years of formulating, we are so thrilled that the response from our clients and bloggers has been glowing. Thank you to all of our clients for embracing our concept and products and for getting involved in the #FreeMySkin movement. We predict big things for 2017!”


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