Ingredient of the week: Aloe Vera

It's that time of the week, and we are loving Aloe Vera.

It’s that time of the week again, and today we are singing the praises of the dreamy and wonderful Aloe Vera. #IngredientOfTheWeek

This magical plant, often seen in offices and garden centres, is one that has become a household name for skincare.

If you haven’t yet learnt about its beautifying qualities, have no fear – Sinensis is here to give you a quick low-down and hopefully brighten your Monday morning!

A few facts to start us off…

This spiky green gem is native to northern Africa, and has been used for centuries within medicine, and more recently, skincare.

Aloe Vera is a juicy plant, short and stout with thick, fleshy leaves, which contain wonderful qualities that include, but are not limited to:

-          Supporting the immune system,

-          Good for burns, acne and hydrating skin

-          Vitamins and minerals (A, B & C)

-          Detoxifying properties

How does Aloe Vera help your skin? It is a powerful moisturiser with anti-bacterial and  anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe Vera is particularly helpful to use on sensitive or dry skin. It is a rich source of many vitamins and contributes to brightening ones skin tone, and minimizing minor pigmentation issues.

Raw Aloe Vera can be accessed right from your home (who knew that your favourite  plant could do all these things). We have included into all the products below.

Overall, we love it, and you should love it too. BE WARNED! Many skincare brands include Aloe Vera but it has to be in large enough quantities to have an effect! Sinensis has high inclusion levels so you can be sure to get the best out of this incredible, healing herb.

See you next week!


Products that contain Aloe Vera:

White Pine Night Cream

Ginkgo Milk

Pearl Complexion Day Cream

Agave Gold Refining Toner




Photo via: Olga on Flickr

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