How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Sun?

We all love sunshine, but what about our skin?

Many of us need sunlight to feel good. It’s important for our energy levels.

When the sunlight hits our skin it triggers a vital chemical reaction in our bodies. The reaction produces vitamin D. This is essential to the health of your skin and body.

So you have to make sure you get approximately 30 minutes of sunshine every day. BUT too much sun is a bad thing.

Fact: Too much sun damages your skin.

It can cause wrinkles and age spots on your face. You want a glowing tan? It comes at a price – accelerated skin ageing.

Minimise your sun exposure

Excess sun makes your skin lose its elasticity. This is elastosis – the destruction of collagen tissue and elastic fibres in your skin. Your face begins to sag.

Too much sun and your skin becomes more fragile and brittle. It takes longer to heal. With reduced elasticity, the wrinkles and fine lines form on your face. Freckles and spots of discoloration appear.

But the damage is not only skin-deep. 

The sun may also leads to skin cancer. The sun's rays increase free radical damage and decrease the skin’s immune function. They cause pre-cancerous and even cancerous skin lesions.

The skin is your body’s largest, most sensitive organ. We must treat it with care and control the amount of sun it receives. But that's not very fun when you want to go out and enjoy summer!

What about Sunscreens?

Avoiding the sun is not an option. Your mind and body need it. 

Sun screens are a good way to reduce the amount of UV if you are planning on staying out for long periods. BUT these sunscreens tend to have a cocktail of potentially toxic or irritating chemicals so you should try to find ones without any of the BANNED 20 ingredients. Good luck, because we have not found any!

The Solution

Get your essential dose of sunshine but try to be out of  direct sun  between 11am and 3pm. After a day out catching the warmth it is fundamental that you replenish and repair your skin immediately.

Here are the botanical ingredients your skin craves after sunshine. These are the time-tested, vital ingredients in the wisdom of Chinese dermatology.


  • This mushroom has the ability to cure various external skin issues, such as wounds, sunburns, rashes, and insect bites.  
  • It promotes blood circulation to improve the elasticity and tone of skin. This slows down the ageing process. 
  • Its antioxidant effect can reduce the damage of the sun and it is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic agents.


  • Soy extract reduces the effects of UVB exposure on human skin cells. 
  • Its antioxidant (Genistein) has a collagen-stimulating effect. 
  • Its anti-irritant nature helps the skin to replenish its stores of moisture. 
  • It is used as an emollient to smoothe and soften the skin’s texture and appearance. 
  • Various compounds in soy influence skin thickness and elasticity.

White Tea

  • White tea has been used for centuries as a beauty ingredient. It protects skin from pollution and sun damage.
  • It helps inhibit the activity of MMP (enzymes/matrix metalloproteinase) to protect collagen and elastin. This makes white tea powerful for prevention of sagging and wrinkles.
  • Its high concentration of EGCG and flavonoids can reduce oxidative stress. 

All ingredients in one serum

The Sinensis Ganoderma Gold Reviving Serum contains all these and many more ingredients to counteract any sun damage WITHOUT any of the toxic chemicals.

The 24K gold in this serum will also help to complement your tan while maintaining the skin’s collagen and inhibiting the sun-induced breakdown of elastin.

This is a complete skin serum. It contains many age-defying nutrients. But crucially, it has the ingredients your skin needs to recover from vital sun exposure. 

It is time to free your skin

By all means go and enjoy yourself in the sun responsibly, just don’t forget to replenish your skin with Ganoderma Gold Reviving Serum as soon as possible.

Free your skin from sunscreen and toxic skincare

Use Ganoderma Gold Reviving Serum


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