A few words about sensitive skin

Are our products safe for sensitive skin?

We are proud that our range has been formulated without the potentially toxic irritants found in most skincare products. So the obvious question that we have been asked is: are our products suitable for sensitive skin?

The simple answer is 'YES' we have taken away all of the artificial fragrances and irritating chemicals and therefore we have designed a skincare range especially suitable for sensitive skin. However, a more accurate answer requires a little more information.

Sensitive skin usually means that either:

  1. Your skin is damaged or too thin and this means that the nerves in the skin are being affected by the environment and products.

  2. Your immune system is over sensitive and you are having an allergic reaction to the environment and products.

In either of these cases the skin can react to anything in the air or in products no matter how irritant free they are. In the case of allergies, often the skin will react to natural ingredients as much as synthetic ones (think of people with nut or fruit allergies). The skin is alive and it can react with any changes in your skincare regime even if you are changing from a potentially toxic cream to a safe one.

So. What can you do?

The key is to work holistically with your skin.

If your skin is damaged then looking after your appearance can feel like a catch 22. You can't use creams to repair your skin (because you react to them) and you can't heal without them. But you can reverse that momentum. Eating right, staying away from pollutants as much as you can and using sparing amounts of repairing skin creams (such as our Marine Collagen Repair Cream) will help. Once your skin is healthier then you can use more of the good products (and throw away the ones that could damage or irritate you).

If you have allergies then you must focus on internal solutions above everything. Eat right and work on balancing your immune system with good immune adaptogens. Our clinic can prescribe powerful, individualised herbs to regulate your immune system quickly. If you cannot make it to our clinic then try drinking Amachazuru tea which is a powerful immune modulator. We recommend that you try our Sinensis range even though we cannot guarantee that you won't react to natural ingredients such as White Tea, Bilberry Fruit or Macadamia.

Sinensis is one of the safest and most irritant free skincare ranges out there. It contains a treasure of ingredients for flawless skin. But skincare is more than the products that you put on externally and if you find that you have a reaction then maybe it is an opportunity to address the root cause? Our doctors are always here to help so send them an email.


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